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Hello everyone! My name is Cameron and I am a professional window cleaning with SMC Cleaning Services here in Houston, TX.  I am here to answer a question that we get from clients all the time.  They ask "What window cleaning solution do you use?".  We use a window cleaning solution here in Houston, TX that is composed of ammonia and liquid soap.  

The ammonia is used in the window cleaning solution to prevent the glass from streaking while squeegeeing, but you have to be careful when using ammonia around nice drapes.  Ammonia can stain expensive silk drapes if it comes in contact with them.  That is why we do not put ammonia in our cleaning solution when cleaning interior windows.

We also put liquid soap in our window cleaning solution in Houston, TX.  The liquid soap is used to penetrate the tough dirt that tends to accumulate on your windows. There are a couple of tricks we use while mixing our window cleaning solution.  First, never put the liquid soap in your mixing bucket before the water.  This will cause the soap to create too many suds that make it unfavorable while cleaning windows.  Secondly, we don't put too much soap in our window cleaning solution because it will start causing your windows to streak

I hope you enjoyed our article on our window cleaning solution in Houston, TX.  Contact SMC Cleaning Services today at 281-899-0402 for a free fast window cleaning estimate.  You can also fill out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.  

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