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Window Cleaning Houston Tx

Professional window cleaner cleaning storefront windows
Here's how our team at SMC Window Cleaning clean windows in Houston,Tx.  If the following task seems too daunting, contact us for a free window cleaning estimate in Houston,Tx.  (281 899-0402).
First, you need to have the proper window cleaning tools.  These include a scrubber, squeegee, bucket, scraper, extension pole, lint free towels, and several different size ladders. Before getting started cleaning the windows you need to move all plants and lawn furniture away from the house.  This is to avoid damaging these items as well as to avoid tripping over them. When doing second floor windows, remember to always have the extension ladder on level ground with a proper climbing angle.  The most appropriate climbing angle is 75 degrees.  Also, make sure to check for overhead obstructions.  Most importantly be very aware if there are power lines above.  Make sure to remove your  bug screens from your windows  first before cleaning the window.  A good tip is to always place each screen in front of the window you removed it from so it doesn't get mixed up with the other screens. This will save you a lot of headaches when putting the screens back on.  You can then clean the screen using soap and water. 
Now it's time to clean your windows.  To clean the window glass, start off by scrubbing the window with a scrubber and remove the water with a squeegee. If the windows have paint or debris on them, use a scraper to scrape the glass. Make sure the glass is wet when scrapping to avoid scratching the glass. Also, use a new blade on each job to avoid scratching the window.  After squeeging the glass, wipe off all excess water around the edges of the window with a lint free towel. Then, after the bug screens are dry, place them back over the window. For professional window cleaning in Houston Tx call 281 899-0402. Don't forget to replace all plants and furniture to their original locations. This promotes good customer service. That's how we clean windows in Houston,Tx
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