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Solar Panel Cleaning

Now offering our commercial solar panel cleaning services in the Houston Metro Area!

Solar panels get dirty quickly in Houston. Whether it's dust, bird droppings or atmospheric pollution, over the course of time the quantity of energy extracted from the sun diminishes. Increase your home or business’ solar efficiency by having your panels cleaned regularly.

Cleaning you own panels is highly ill-advised however, especially if you have to get on the roof. In such cases it's better to hire a professional who has the equipment to get the job done. Our professionals are experienced and know all the safety angles; and remember: we're insured against injury.

Have your panels professionally cleaned and enjoy your solar benefits! We are outfitted to be able to clean large commercial jobs, and small residential jobs. We offer full deionized water cleaning to keep your panel’s glass free of hard water and minerals for the life of your solar panels. We always scrub with non-abrasive brushes to ensure a good thorough cleaning without leaving scratches behind.