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Solar Panel Cleaning Houston Tx


When owning a home with solar panels installed, the most important thing to remember is to properly maintain your solar panels.  Keeping your solar panels clean ensures that they operate at there highest capacity at all times. To properly maximize the full potential of solar panels, you need to schedule regular cleanings.  We recommend twice a year at a minimum.   Our team members at SMC cleaning services in Houston Tx are trained professionals in the art of solar panel cleaning.  For a free quote for solar panel cleaning in Houston Tx, call SMC cleaning services at 281 899-0402. SMC cleaning services can set up monthly, semi annual, or yearly cleaning services that are tailored specifically for your cleaning needs. We offer cleaning for both residential and commercial solar panels. 

Dirty solar panels can decrease the efficiency of your system by up to 25% when not properly maintained and cleaned regularly. Dirty solar panels mean higher electric bills. Dust, pollen, and bird droppings can block the sun's rays and decrease the efficiency of your solar panels. Dirty solar panels are probably one of  the most common problems that reduce the proper functioning of solar panels in Houston,Tx. When our uniformed trained proffessionals show up at your house or business, we treat your property as if were our own. Our friendly technician will give you a written estimate and also explain exactly what we will be doing and how long the job will take. You do not have to be home for us to give you an estimate as long as gates are unlocked and dogs are put up. When we show up to clean your solar panels, we will ladder to your roof using rubber gutter guards so we won't scratch your gutters.  Then we clean your solar panels wotj deionized water. The water is pumped through a waterfed pole that is designed specifically for solar panel cleaning. We will scrub your solar panels with our soft bristle brushe that is on our waterfed pole. This will remove all dirt and debris from your panels. So for your next professional solar panel cleaning in Houston,Tx call SMC cleaning services at 281 899-0402.  You may also fill out the form below for a free quote.

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