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Pressure Washing

Your home doesn’t have to keep aging!

Pressure washing in Houston Tx is a great service to really get everything brightly shining and sparking just before your windows are cleaned. Having your home regularly pressure washed in Houston Tx not only keeps everything bright and shiny, but prevents staining on your home and gutters.  

Will Pressure Washing  damage your house?

If you choose the wrong professional Pressure Washer in Houston, there is a good chance that they could damage your property.  Here at SMC Cleaning Services, We have been pressure washing houses since 1986.  All of our technicians are extensively trained in the proper methods of House Washing.  You can be assured that our pressure washing methods in Houston Tx, will not damage your home.

What household items can be pressure washed?

We can use our pressure washer to clean just about any outdoor surface.  These include House Washing,  Gutter Washing,  Patio Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Patio Furniture Cleaning, and many other items.  When you call to book Pressure Washing in Houston Tx, let us know what you would like pressure washed and we will tell you if it can be cleaned.

Pressure washing all sorts of other stuff

It may be the fact that you have lots of birds that took over your deck, maybe your kids spilled Kool-Aid on your patio. Maybe your office building has cobwebs all over the place, or your cars have spilled oil all over the place… There are lots of reasons to have pressure washing done. Quite frankly it is probably the least expensive way to improve the value of your property. We always have customers commenting on how they now don’t need to have their house painted!  It is especially important to have your home in Houston Pressure Washed before selling your home.  Studies have shows that a clean home can bring up to 25% more money when sold compared to a dirty home.