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Pressure Washing In Houston, Tx


First of all,  it is best to hire a professional for pressure washing in Houston,Tx.   But, if you're trying to tackle the job yourself, here is some advice.  Always move all lawn furniture and potted plants away from the house to give you more working room and avoiding any tripping hazards before getting started pressure washing. When pressure washing, you want to make sure you have a pressure washer that is at least 4 gpm and has a minimum of 3000 psi.  Also, you need to use chemicals that are environmentally friendly (green).  This is because most of these products are safe for plants and animals. When pressuring washing a house you need to have the proper ladders and extension wands to do the job right.  Before applying the chemical on the house make sure you wet down all plants with water.  You do this so as an added barrier of protection for your plants and bushes.  For pressure washing in Houston,Tx you can call the proffessionals at SMC Cleaning Services for all of your pressure washing needs at 281 899-0402. When applying the chemical always start applying it from the bottom and work your way up to the top of the house, then you need to start rinsing off the chemical from the top and working your way down. When cleaning around windows never apply pressure directly to the window seals because most windows will leak when hit with pressure, from a pressure washer. For the best results on how to clean the house, soft wash the house with a good chemical.   This lets the chemical do most of the work while allowing you to use very little pressure.  This works best on houses with hardi plank and houses that are made with stucco. When the pressure washing is complete, always rinse off the sidewalks and decks.  This is  because pressure washing can make a huge mess, splattering dirt and debris everwhere.   So for pressure washing in Houston,Tx,  you can call SMC cleaning for a quality house wash and for all your pressure washing needs.  Call us today!
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