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How To Clean Tall Windows in Houston, TX


Hello Everyone!  This is Cameron with SMC Cleaning Services here to tell you how to clean tall interior windows in Houston, TX.  Your interior windows are a lot dirtier than you might think.  They are some of the most neglected areas of your home because they are so out of reach.  I am going to show y'all a few methods for cleaning those tall interior windows. 

The first method is the most dangerous.  I don't recommend anyone but professionals attempt this method  It involves setting up a very tall ladder in your home, climbing up to the top, then cleaning the window.  This method is definitely not the preferred method for cleaning your tall interior windows because of the risk of falling.  There is also a risk of damaging your home while trying to bring a large ladder into it. 

The next method of cleaning tall interior windows is with a long externsion poll, a scrub brush, and a squeegee.  This involves putting the wet scrubber on the end of the poll, scrubbing the windows with a cleaning solution, squeegeeing off the solution, then drying the windows with a towel.  This method can be very tricky and take many years to master.  This is not my favorite way of cleaning tall interior windows in Houston, TX because it is tricky to clean the bottom few inches of the window.  In my opinion, I would rather ladder up to the window then use this method. 

The final method of cleaning up a tall interior window in Houston, TX is by using an extension pole, micorfiber buffing pads, and deionized water.  This is the method I am using in the picture above.  First, you place the microfiber pad with deionized water on the end of your pole.  Then, you scrub the window with the deionized water solution.  Finally, you change to a dry mircofiber pad and wipe the window dry.  This is my preferred method for cleaning tall interior windows in Houston, TX

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