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Commercial Pressure Washing in Houston, Tx


By pressure washing your driveways, sidewalks and other high traffic areas at your business, you are protecting your customers from slip and fall accidents.  You are also improving the curb appeal of your business. Here at SMC Cleaning Services, we are experts in commercial pressure washing in Houston Tx.   Slip and falls are the most common personal injury that leads to lawsuits in the United States.  These cost business owners Millions of dollars every year and could be avoidable with proper maintenance. 
There are five major reasons people slip and fall.
1. Very poor walking surface conditions( uneven surfaces, slick surfaces.)
2. Poor visibility in walking areas.(unlighted area's)
3.The lack of slip resistance surfaces. (mats,rugs)
4.Poor accessibility in walking area's
5.Lack of handrails and guardrails.
Pressure washing can help your clients avoid dangerous walking surfaces by removing oil, grease, and other deposits from walking surfaces.  Consistent pressure washing makes working conditions both safer for your employees and customers.  This is the main reason for routine sidewalk maintenance.  Routine injuries from falls can lead to permanent disabilities and death.
How common are these accidents?
Over 25,000 people a day are involved in slip and fall accidents. The cost of these accidents to insurance companies is over 30 billion dollars per year. The average cost of slip related fall injuries exceeds $12,000 per year.  The average cost to defend against a slip and fall lawsuit is $50,000.
Plaintiffs win 51% of premises liability claims.So for commercial pressure washing in Houston Tx,  leave it to the proffessionlals at SMC Cleaning Services.  Call us today.  281-899-0402
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