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Cleaning Dryer Vents in Houston, TX


Cleaning Dryer Vents in Houston, TX

Cleaning your dryer vent in Houston, TX is very important to prevent home fires.  Over 15,000 house fires occur per year because of clogged dryer vents.  The way that these fires start is the hot air from the dryer ignites the lint that is clogging your vent.  Lint from your clothes builds up over time and can ignite when using your dryer.  Some signs that your dryer might be clogged include:

      ·   Clothes not drying as fast as they used to. 

      ·   Visualizing bits of lint coming out of dryer vent while drying clothes.

      ·   Visualizing the end of the dryer vent full of lint.

      ·   Burning smell while drying clothes.

It is very important to have your dryer vent regularly cleaned by a professional.   This is especially true if you are experiencing any of the signs from the list above.  It is highly recommended to have your dryer vent cleaned before you notice these signs to prevent fires that could harm your family and your home.

When cleaning your dryer vent in Houston, TX we use a combination of specialty tools that remove all of the lint and debris from your dryer.  These include a vacuum cleaner and specialty equipment to loosen up all of the lint so it can be sucked out.  We first hook the vacuum hose to the vent behind your dryer.  We then use our specialty dryer vent tools to loosen the lint from the vent to allow it to be sucked out. 

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