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Window Cleaning Firefighters Houston, TX

Hello everyone! Today I am going to talk about how all the contractors that work with us at SMC Cleaning Services are firefighters.  All of our employees work full time as firefighters with the... Read More »

Increase Curb Appeal Of Home Houston, TX

Hello Everyone!  My name is Cameron and I am a professional window cleaner here in Houston, TX.  Today I am going to tell you how to increase the curb appeal of your home with some of our... Read More »

A Pressure Washing Service Near You In Sugarland, TX

Hello everyone in the Sugarland, TX area.  My name is Cameron and I am the manager of operations here at SMC Cleaning services.  We are a full service pressure washing, window cleaning, gutter... Read More »

Cleaning Pollen From Windows in Cypress, TX

It is that time of year again.  Pollen has invaded the Cypress, TX area and it is a major cause of dirty windows.  Cleaning pollen from windows in Cypress, TX is very similar to a traditional... Read More »

Window Cleaning Solution Houston, TX

Hello everyone! My name is Cameron and I am a professional window cleaning with SMC Cleaning Services here in Houston, TX.  I am here to answer a question that we get from clients all the time.... Read More »

How To Clean Tall Windows in Houston, TX

Hello Everyone!  This is Cameron with SMC Cleaning Services here to tell you how to clean tall interior windows in Houston, TX.  Your interior windows are a lot dirtier than you might think. ... Read More »

Pressure Washing – Doing it yourself versus rental in Houston ,Tx

If you own a house  or a business in Houston,Tx, it is a good idea to have it pressure washed periodically.  Pressure washing is not always cheap, but it is well worth the investment.  The... Read More »

My First Shower Door Hard Water Stain Removal Spring, TX

HARD WATER STAIN REMOVAL in Spring, TX Hello everyone!  Today I am going to talk about my first shower door hard water stain removal in Spring, TX.  Here at SMC cleaning services, we have been... Read More »

Should I clean my dryer vents?

Cleaning Dryer Vents in Houston, TX Cleaning your dryer vent in Houston, TX is very important to prevent home fires.  Over 15,000 house fires occur per year because of clogged dryer vents.  The... Read More »

Driveway Cleaning Houston, Tx

One of the most dramatic differences after cleaning the exterior of a home is a clean driveway.  Here at SMC Cleaning Services, we like to consider ourselves experts at driveway cleaning in... Read More »

Window Cleaning Cypress, Tx

This article is to let y'all know that SMC Cleaning Services offers window cleaning in Cypress, Tx.  We love our Cypress customers!  Cypress is an excellent place to live and is one of the fastest... Read More »

Professional Window Cleaner vs. House Cleaner Houston, Tx

A lot of people think that they do not need a professional window cleaner in Houston, Tx because they have a maid that cleans their home.  First of all maids do a fantastic job of cleaning your... Read More »

How To Clean Windows Houston, Tx

Hello everyone!  My name is Cameron and I am a proffessional window cleaner with the Houston based company SMC Cleaning Service.  Today I am going to give you a step by step instructions on how to... Read More »

How to choose a Pressure Washer Houston Tx

  A pressure washer in Houston, Tx is a high pressure sprayer that is used for cleaning different types of surfaces. A pressure washer consist of a pump, motor, a high pressure hose, and a wand.... Read More »

Pressure Washing Siding in Houston Tx

Here is how we pressure wash hardiplank and wood siding in Houston,Tx.  When our professionals at SMC Cleaning Services arrive at the job site, we walk the perimeter of the house to get a... Read More »

Residential Gutter Cleaning Houston, Tx

This is how SMC cleaning services accomplishes residential gutter cleaning in Houston,Tx. For professional residential gutter cleaning in Houston,Tx call SMC cleaning services at 281 899-0402 for... Read More »

Pressure Washing Pool Decks in Houston, Tx

The best way to properly clean pool decks in Houston, Tx is by pressure washing them. The first thing is understanding the different types of decks you will be cleaning. There are cool spray on... Read More »

Window Cleaning in Houston, Tx

Just like any other contractor, hiring a professional for window cleaning in Houston, TX can be a daunting task.  Here at SMC Cleaning Services, we have been in the window cleaning industry since... Read More »

Solar Panel Cleaning Houston Tx

When owning a home with solar panels installed, the most important thing to remember is to properly maintain your solar panels.  Keeping your solar panels clean ensures that they operate at... Read More »

Hard Water Stain Removal Houston Tx

Have you ever tried to clean the glass on your shower doors and noticed white spots that won't come off?  These are hard water stains and require chemicals and abrasive pads to remove.  This is... Read More »

Gutter Cleaning Houston Tx

  The reasons for cleaning out your rain gutters is to prevent them from damaging your house.  What I mean is that gutters can get full of leaves and debris and prevent them from functioning... Read More »

Window Cleaning Houston Tx

Here's how our team at SMC Window Cleaning clean windows in Houston,Tx.  If the following task seems too daunting, contact us for a free window cleaning estimate in Houston,Tx.  (281 899-0402).  ... Read More »

Pressure Washing In Houston, Tx

    First of all,  it is best to hire a professional for pressure washing in Houston,Tx.   But, if you're trying to tackle the job yourself, here is some advice.  Always move all lawn... Read More »

Commercial Pressure Washing in Houston, Tx

  By pressure washing your driveways, sidewalks and other high traffic areas at your business, you are protecting your customers from slip and fall accidents.  You are also improving the curb... Read More »

Residential Window Cleaning in Houston Tx

For the best results, you should have your windows cleaned a minimal of two times a year by a professional window cleaner. When looking for a residential window cleaner in Houston Tx, SMC Cleaning... Read More »

Glass Cleaning Tips

Mirrors and Window Glass Cleaning Around Houston, Texas   Wall mirrors and also window glass are among the hardest things to be cleaned up without streaking. Here's a few great tips that may... Read More »